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Monday, January 8, 2018

New Year.

A most frigid outing to the shore at Ocean View Beach Park, 7 January 2018 

Here are some highlights of the first week of this shiny New Year -

I'm working on a wrap for the Fringe and Friends Logalong
In my stash, I found the bag of Rowan Kid Silk Haze odd balls that I'd been collecting... and chose a few 

I've chosen 6 of these colors and ordered just one more to fill in a gradient gap.

This is Court House Steps, a variant of Log Cabin.  

Pithy Notes : It begins with 5 stitches.  
The ratio is 5 horizontal ridges or 10 vertical ridges, which will keep the desired rectangular shape. With this spiral design, if the bind off is done with the RS facing, the yarn tail is ready for picking up the next section... since there are 4 sections with each color, that will avoid A LOT of fiddly little ends.

I'm waiting for a skein of what I hope is a better grey to hit the mailbox.

I also remembered this WIP from 2006.  There's a shade or 2 of Noro Kureyon, Stonehedge Mills Shepherd's Wool Worsted, several colors of Kristen Nichols original run of Julia (which I LOVE) and Cascade 220 from felting days.

I have nearly completed knitting all of the yarn that was stored with it and will make a little border of black, which I had leftover from Haley's beautiful 
Cracker Blanket.

My wishes for the New Year are Balance and Stability. And as always, Love.

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