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Friday, October 6, 2017

How to Make a Tassel

How to make a Tassel.

 Wrap the yarn around your tassel template.  Here I'm using Loome Toole Slingshot XL

I wrapped 12 times - there will also be 4 more ends after looping the tie back through.

Cut 2 more 14” strands.  
Hold them together and thread under 1 side of the wound strands.  

I use the tip of a tapestry needle to guide the overhand knot placement 
and to leave a gap for threading in the tie ends.  

Remove the tassel from the template.   
Smooth strands out evenly.  
Lay a new strand of yarn end from the cut end toward the tied top.

Wrap and coil the yarn firmly, but not too tightly around the strands toward the bottom of the tassel.  
Using the tapestry needle, run the end of the wrapping yarn from the bottom to the top under the wraps 
and trim all of the ends.  

To fasten the tassel,  thread one double tie end through an opening either in fabric or as I did here, 
the eyelet of a key fob - then thread the other in the opposite direction.  
Run both sets of ties carefully through the overhand knot and into the tassel.  
Trim all ends.

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