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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hello Roger.

Roger has been a long time coming.  

Somewhere, earlier this year  I read an article comparing 2 artists; one who did it and it was done and the other who fiddled and changed and redid.  Both were brilliant and renowned for their work. 
I think of this every time I look at one of my projects and wonder,  what if I had just done this...

The original Roger, nicknamed Roger Sterling, was knit in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in the color Sweatshirt.  I knit the pocket linings with Long Johns.  So very beautiful.  This project was inspired by the knit-a-sweater in November. 

In 2014.

The second was knit in a beautiful hand dyed Merino from the lovely Kismet gals.  Before I published, their lives took new paths that no longer included hand dying.  I loved this version, but just needed to tweak those sleeves and then make it in available yarn!

There was a third, ill-fated attempt with another hand dyed wool from dear and talented Jill Draper in her fabulous shade, Orange Crush.  Somehow I lost one skein of the yarn and also spilled something dark on part of the fabric.  

I took this all as a sign and set the project aside to be re-skeined, washed and made into some other amazing thing. And Roger went to the bottom of the to-do list.

Many months ago I began to follow Barrett Wool Company on Instagram and wondered if her Home worsted might be just the thing.  Yes, it was.

You can find beautiful kits with all you need to make your own favorite sweater on her site.

A portion of all proceeds from the first month of Roger pattern sales will be donated to 

Lifeline Animal Project, where they love Daisy as much as we do.


  1. Everyone Loves a classic and I Love this cardigan. Thank You !

  2. Everyone Loves a classic and I Love this cardigan. Thank You !

  3. Third time's a charm! Looks like a perfect cardigan.