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Sunday, August 21, 2016

I’m Raffling off my Amazing Yarn Stash!

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First of all, what I am most excited about right now is our planned hike to McAffee Knob in the Jefferson National Forest, just outside of Roanoke, VA.  More than merely stepping onto the Appalachian Trail (as I once did, years ago on a trip to and around upstate NY) hiking a bit of the AT has been on my list for a very long time.  In fact, I had a long map of the entire trail up on my kitchen wall when we lived in Atlanta.

Also coming up is a trip to check out the Richmond area.  It’s time to move, again - and the proximity of a city is a must - along with a Trader Joe’s, better cell and internet coverage, and some other things that one should never discuss.  
We've also visited Winston-Salem NC and Charlottesville... both lovely.

In preparation for that move, I am going to raffle off one hell of a yarn stash.  Mine.  When we left Atlanta, I sold, donated and shared a ton of beautiful yarn, but somehow still have a ton of beautiful yarn.  I have also acquired a large amount of beautiful yarn in the meanwhile.  How does that even happen?

My proposal is this:  Send me $30 (  I will send you 5 coupon codes each good for one NellKnits pattern via Ravelry.  The codes will be good for as long as Ravelry allows them to be, (December 2017) and, therefore, can be used even on yet to be published work.  And they can be given as gifts…  
I will cap the entries at 75.  And hope for at least 50, which will give me a little extra cash to cover some of the crazy moving expenses.  
So, thank you all for the $30 pre-payment loan + love.
The week before we move - which is just 4 weeks away, I will ask a very random person or number generator to draw a name/number.
That person will receive my stash. I cannot ship outside the US, unless - the expense is completely covered by the winner.  
Please share this with your friends, I’ll ask how all participants heard of the raffle and if your name comes up enough, well, you will get an extra ticket in the draw.

I’ve published a great pair of mitts, Happy Hands, that I knit with amazing 
SilverSpun® Sock yarn spun with cotton, a little elasticness (nylon + lycra) and pure shimmering silver.  Read all about this wonder fiber here.

and this great new hat, Hawkeye - for which I bought Brooklyn Tweed fabulous New Shelter Marl, in Newsprint, just to do.  

Please follow my IG account to see what the heck I’m up to.

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