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Thursday, April 19, 2018

100 Days


I've been inspired, 
stash of yarn is sorted and labeled
some WIPs are now FOs 
and some FOs are patterns.

This is Liminal!

It uses Louet Mini Skeins from my good friends at Mason Dixon Knitting.
The sample was knit, I'd hit a snag with the sizing due to the mini-ness of the skeins.
A solution was found and a new tech editor was located.
Hooray, now you can knit one, too!

This is my mod of 100 Acts of Sewing Dress #2
Now sleeveless with a slightly more open neck, perfect to pop over tees.
It needs bias binding, I'm thinking of cutting some of my indigo dyed fabric.

This was a long-languishing cardi of Rowan Wool Cotton, 
which is now completely assembled and 
awaiting a decision on the right band techniques and buttons.
Check out the pile of markers, all in this sweater noting 
increases, decreases, and other measurements.

This Ichi needed a few seams and ends run in.  

This Ichi variation needs a pattern edit and both are in my closet.  

Ichi's are knit with a few 450 yard cones of Habu Tsumugi Silk 
(I see that Habu's current put up has been changed to 265 yard balls)

I've been working on many less interesting or very secret things, 
and have enjoyed our tempestuous spring, and it's pink flowers.

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Heavenly Lilacs