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Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Short Section of Stranded Colorwork - In the Round!

Knitted Words have been on my mind.  
Haley has knit several in hats, by working the ribbed band and the word section flat (back and forth), then joining into the round for the top and shaping.  
Some of her words have been : 'Hello', 'Bon', 'Yoyo', 'Hat + 1' and my favorite - 'Ass'

I'd been puzzling how the colorwork could be done while keeping all of the knitting 
completely in the round.
Here are some notes on how I did just that :

My chart of the letters. The dots mark the stitch count (34)

Cast on 96 stitches with worsted weight, ribbed in 2x2 for 2 inches, then worked in stockinette for 1/2 inch.

Knit 30, work the first round of the graph using both the MC and CC as charted, complete the round. 
The CC remains at the end of the chart section.

Work the second round to where you'd work the first CC stitch.  Place a marker.

Slip each of the stitches to be worked with the CC as if to purl and 
Knit the MC colors to the end of the chart.

Complete the round and work the 3rd round to the marker.
Slip all of the chart stitches to the final CC square from the Left Needle to the Right Needle as if to purl.
Turn the work and purl the slipped stitches in the CC, reading round 2 of the graph from Left to Right.  The CC is now at the beginning of the chart section.

Turn and work the 3rd round of the graph using both colors as charted. 
Continue to slip the CC stitches of the even rows and to work them on the following round from the wrong side in purl, after slipping the charted stitches from the Left Needle to the Right Needle as if to purl.

I did cut the CC on the final 2 rows to work each end independently rather than strand the yarn all the way across.

The right edge is a bit too loose, and I changed my mind about one square of color in the 'F'.  I dropped it back and swapped colors to confirm that it looked better.  It did, but the swap left too much of a loop.  
Yarns used : MC - Stonehedge Shepherds Wool, shown here in Great Lakes
The CC yarn is a beautiful mystery.

I omitted the charted dots of the 'i' in favor of a French Knot to be done later.

P.S. A very Happy New Year to you.  

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