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Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday, Monday

Stash Raffle Reminder  

I am adding to the big Stash Giveaway nearly every day. 
Six bags full. 
I keep finding surprise pockets of beautiful yarn as I pack up this little house 
for our move at the end of the month.

Paypal me $30. ( 
I will send you 5 Ravelry coupon codes, 
good through the end of December Next Year and 
your name goes in the drawing which will be held at the end of next week. 
Many thanks.

Our big news is that we now have a destination! 
The Asheville area of NC will be our new home.
The other big news is that there is a job there for me at the Black Mountain Yarn Shop

This was complete serendipity - I was quite resigned to a job, any job.  
Thank you, Maria!

If you know of a home in the area, please, do let me know.

In addition to packing, sorting and constantly refreshing Craigslist, 
I'm participating in the Fringe and Friends KAL with a redo of my 
seemingly ill-fated and still unpublished Roger Cardigan.  
I had to stop while I panicked about yardage.  I thought there were 6, 
but no, just 5 skeins of the Orange Crush.  

I think I have come up with a plan that will work,
A completely different base.  And gauge.  But darned close in color...


While I was in knitting limbo, I was prompted by this post on MasonDixonKnitting-
which I read before making coffee most mornings - and have pulled out old design notes
and even older stash to get going on yet another cardi. 
Because I tend to cast on when I'm overly anxious... 

Deep, short row shaped hem with pockets (always bigger on the inside) and all the details that your favorite go-to layer will have.  
The sketch did not have the notched collar that Kay wanted, but I am now tempted...

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