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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Leftovers, Mostly.

There were several half skeins of Chickadee left from a few Shimmy's, and also a few full skeins because who can resist that yarn?

Here is Ricochet in Twig with Snap Pea, Parsley, Belize and then Bark & Bird's Egg to finish it up.
I alternated the stitch patterns and overlapped a few of the stripes, 
which did leave several pesky ends to weave in.

I usually choose a duplicate stitch on the reverse side to tuck in the yarn ends, 
and I do it before the soak & block.  Here you see how the wrap has been laid out to dry, 
nearly fitting within the confines of my handy board.

After the wool has been stretched out and seems settled to it's new shape, 
I remove most of the pins.  That avoids ziggier edges - and keeps it from getting snagged if a certain cat decides to jump up and rearrange while it finishes drying.

Look for this new pattern soon.  It's the best little cupcake hat ever.
It's made with wonderful EweEwe washable Merino in a Worsted weight,
which is a dream to knit with.

Spring is here.

The Dogwood are just glorious.


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