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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I have collected colorful plastic straight needles for years.  
In fact, several sets belonged to my mother & to her mother and 
were well used by me before they became


Many now belong to my youngest daughter, 
who carries on the knitting tradition.

There have been love affairs with so many types of needle.  

The oh-so spendy in ebony & rosewood, several sets of interchangeable, and non-interchangeables in every tip, shaft & cable.

I'm pairing down to 3 'sets'. May they ever remain my favorites.

What's New on Those Needles?

I'm working on reviving a favorite old pattern in many more sizes, with much more 
explicit direction. 
It's in test knit phase now.

Another Ricochet is in Haley's hands. 

This one in Kid Silk Haze and 
MadTosh Merino Light.  

It is a thing of ethereal beauty.

And always the Habu Tsumugi.  
I'm nearly done with figuring out how to end this piece.  Thoughts are focussed on the neckline, and avoiding too many ends in sticky-but-not-too-easy-to-weave-in-silk.  
The body is perfect.  I'm ready.  I hope to share it soon.

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