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Saturday, December 14, 2013

One Week 'til Equinox.

Mid-Winter approaches.  
Today is cold, wet and a bit dreary.  
I'm procrastinating pattern writing at the tricky part where it's just all those numbers. 

Evergreens lights, and fir cones are up, as much as that rascally new kitten allows.

We have been Baking.

Concocting little gifts. 
Sriracha Salt, Spoon Butter

and those little pecan tarts that are so hard not to eat before they are shipped away.
Wrapping tokens of love, and mailing parcels with our fingers crossed that they arrive.  

In Knitting News:

Sablier, part of Twist Collectives Winter 2013 Collection.
A very cozy worsted weight knit, with slash pockets, undulating cables and 
a terrific fit.  
This was taken on a swelteringly hot day at the 11th hour, thank you again, dear Haley.

Wishing you all Comfort & Joy

Time for some very cozy knitting, hanging out with these guys:
(After I tackle the math)

                                     Sweet & ever Patient Daisy                                   

 That Rascal, Oliver.

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