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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Knitty Surprise !

Today's thoughts:

I am so proud to say that  Eisen is up on Knitty

And Haley is glad to model hats for a while!


  1. Congrats! It's super cute, and I'm planning on making it one of these days.

    1. Thank you so much! I have to say, I'd like to make another for myself...

  2. This is a beautiful sweater! I would like to make it a little longer. I was looking at the schematic - there is no measurement for the total length, but if I add the front length to underarm and the length of the armhole I get 14.75" for the smallest size. Is that correct? If I use the front to armhole and half the sleeve circumference I get 15.5".
    It would also help to know how tallt he model is and what size she is wearing.

    1. Thanks, Melissa,
      Haley is wearing the M and is about 5'6+" and your math seems to be correct.
      The underarm is designed to fit normally, meaning, about an inch below the actual arm to body join, if that makes senset. That might make the side measurement easier to add to.
      Also, you may wish to space out the side increases too.
      The good thing is that being top down, you can try it on and make last minute decisions on most everything! Happy Knitting.

  3. I love this sweater! It's perfect for my next knitting project. Question: your measurement at the chest, does that allow for placket overlap? Or is it sweater edge to sweater edge? As someone with what a Greek friend of my mother's referred to as a "strong bust", I want to make sure that I choose the size that will allow for appropriate overlap where it counts!!


    Kathleen from Montreal

  4. Hi Kathleen-
    This is the perfect style for you! the band measurement is overlapped, giving plenty of extra room.
    Here is some more information-
    These are the actual measurements -at gauge,
    at the underarm immediately after holding the sleeve,
    for each size:
    XS 28.5 plus 6 inch band overlap at front
    S 31.75 plus 6 inch band overlap at front
    M 35.25 plus 6.5 inch band overlap at front
    L 39 plus 7.25 inch band overlap at front
    XL 42.5 plus 8 inch band overlap at front
    2X45.5 plus 8.5 inch band overlap at front
    3X 48.5 plus 9.25 inch band overlap at front