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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Slow Fashion October

Many of us regularly consider Slow Fashion; the origin and lifespan of our garments. I'm no longer much for fads - they often pass me by without a glance.  In either direction. 

While reading the first post on Fringe, in what is likely to be a marvelous prompt to look deep within our closets and by extension ourselves I'm considering my color palette. 
Black, some Blues, cool Grays.  

Meanwhile, I'm working on my Rhinebeck Sweater, Exit 19, in Jill Draper's delicious Empire, which is a color that I love and will go with all of the above.
I've added one of the 2 pockets. Oh, Pockets!
Have you listened to the latest episode of Articles of Interest from 99% Invisible?
Fabulous.  Thank you Avery Trufelman!

We're working on some reknits and updates of patterns, here are Sparrow Mitts and Timberline Hat in Jill's new Kingston.

While my hands are busy I'm avoiding most of the news and listening to Circe, a marvelously crafted Mythology read by Perdita Weeks.  
It's mesmerizing, mindful, delicious and makes me want to Smash the Patriarchy. 



  1. 99%pi is one of my favorites, and I'm loving Articles of Interest. I always though of him as Avery Truffle-man. And Circe is my library waiting list. I might need to look for the audio book.

  2. Nell, my sister's daughter, Emmy (Madeline Miller), wrote that book as well as the award winning The Song of Achilles.

    1. My favorite of the year! I have Song of Achilles on my to do/read list. xo

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