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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

All Sorts, my Mods to the Awesome Easel Pullover.

A pullover for a Licorice Lover!
or Rhinebeck sweater #1

Mason Dixon Knittings's Field Guide #3 is a charming little book that contains a pattern based on a sweater that Kay posted about and that I fell in love with years ago.

After knitting the sample for the Field Guide, I knew I'd make a few changes to my own.
I'm using the MDK kit, Charred Coal. 
The sleeves were knit 2-at-a-time and in the round.

Cast on half of the stitches from one end of the yarn cake for sleeve 1, then all of the stitches from the other end for sleeve 2.
Arrange needles for magic-loop and cast on the remaining half of sleeve 1.

Mark every increase!  When beginning an increase (or decrease) round, place a marker where each of the following increases (or decreases) should happen.  That way when you have to set your work down, there's that reminder that something should be happening - whenever you might get back to it. 

I've only left a marker in the first increase, both as a flag and for easy counting.

Matching Sleeves. Whew.

The body was also knit in the round 
It was cast on for one size larger than intended to add 
A-line shaping and a bit of short-row length in the back.

Pockets were the answer to all that blank space and extra multi.  
Thank you for the inspiration, Sonya.
Here's the original layout plan:

I ended up using just one of the pockets.  For now. I may add it at a later time.  
Hurry up Fall!!

Thanks for reading along, I have made notes which you can find on my Ravelry page.