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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Leaving Limbo

We're settling into a little house where we can unpack all of our things.

When we left Atlanta, we packed as if we would be unpacking to stay for a long while -
 the little house we moved into was moderately furnished and we knew right away that it would be short term, therefore many boxes were stacked and unopened.

Then we came to Norfolk, and the little house where we first stayed was heavily furnished, 
so we stored almost everything.

We've been taking this move quite slowly, a trip or 2 at a time to storage. 
This way we're able to unpack completely, finding many beloved things, as well as 
things we just don't need that are somehow hard to let go of.

One of the so very many wagonfuls full of boxes.  
I'm thrilled because this one has my favorite table in it!
We should be settled in and ready for show and tell soon.

Daisy welcomes you. 

New Pattern: Cheve

This is a variation of the beloved chevron pattern with stripes of color and texture and made with Virginia Cotton spun and dyed at a wonderful family owned mill.
With over 20 shades to chose from, Cestari Dominion provides the perfect palette for this vibrant, soft and cuddly blanket.

Pattern Re-do: Marcel

This simple tee is just the right weight for Spring and Summer, 
knit with Elsebeth Lavold's Hempathy.
I love this yarn so much that I have a light pearly gray variation of Marcel on the needles now.

Another Pattern Re-do: Rivulet

By using nearly all of 3 skeins of Berocco Modern Cotton, the shrug was lengthened several inches.  I also reduced the edging for a snugger cuff.   
It's a favorite layer right now. 

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