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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


My Crete has been off the needles, 
folded in a lovely pile that has been admired and patted - for just long enough.

Today is the day.

I'd like to share how I finished the underarm seams using a mattress stitch.

Begin at the cuff.  Using the bind off tail join the selvedges by going under 
2 strands of the first bind off.
I have a post here that goes into more detail about this nifty join.

Seam back and forth, going through only one purl bump on the top, the bottom, and then the top, until the thread is through the last bump on the top and ready to go under the last bump of the bottom. 
The work is now perfectly off-set and mattress stitching can begin.

Stitch under the last purl bump and the first knit stitch on the bottom edge -

Then, stitch under both knit stitches on the top.

Under the knit and purl on the bottom, 

Then under both purls on the top.

Again, back to under the purl and knit on the bottom.

Unblocked underarm seam :

Now to run in the ends, re-block and wear this wonderful garment!

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