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Monday, September 21, 2015

Stranded Color-work, Changes + Jogging a Join

I'm working on a new hat with Quince + Co's Lark using leftovers from my Cracker blanket, a yet to be released cabled wrap and 
that one skein of Honey I'd been wanting to do something with.
The brim of the hat can either roll, as shown - or be turned to the inside and tacked down craeting a heavier band.  
This second option also envelopes the back of the stranding completely.

First I wanted to show how I weave in the ends of the color-work strands to jog the join.
I'm securing the Honey tail from right to left, then the top Slate tail from left to right, crossing over the beginning of the round.
The bottom Slate tail went right to left, while the Carrie's Yellow went left to right :

I love how the Slate, Honey, Carrie's Yellow and Poppy worked together 
in the first band - but did not love the tiny fleck of Honey 
in the center of and between the Poppy crosses.

I found a bit of Aleutian... which was perfect.

  Now to replace the Honey flecks - 
Because it was just one round of color-work and just 1 stitch in 5, 
I decided to replace the round, rather than rip back :

One side of the stitch is pulled out

Carefully following the path one bit at a time.

 I find the Aleutian to be a much better pop of color here.

 Stay tuned for the release of the hat, DoubleCross, very soon.  

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  1. Perfect. You and Allison are making me want to get into colourwork more. If only there were more hours! xx