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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Beginning a Cowl, and ClaraYarn

Two beautiful skeins of Sapphire Clara Yarn Cormo 1.0 have found a new home.
I know.  I always am in love with the yarn I'm using.
I am in Big LOVE with this beautiful yarn.  It's bouncy and squishy, yet crisp and firm.

I'd been playing with a new stitch pattern, which should be perfect in a cowl.
  I want to share a few favorite techniques as I work:

I've cast on my border stitches, plus one.  
The garter border is worked flat, knitting every row.
On the final row, which is the right side, work to the final stitch. 
Join by working the first and last stitch together.

The benefits are : When bringing the selvedges together for the join, 
it is more difficult to twist the cast on edge.  
Working the 2 stitches together secures the join and makes a twist, after-the-fact, impossible.
The tail must be woven in, and might as well make a tiny seam.
The extra stitch is incorporated in that tiny seam.

Because the pattern begins with the first stitch of the round, 
the join should be worked before placing the beginning of the round marker.  

Stay tuned.

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