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Friday, September 14, 2012

Sleeping Bees

I pry myself out of bed a few mornings a week to walk with my friend Alice 
(of Infinitely Alice).  It is always a pleasure-once we get going, 
but most every time we hope that the other will call in sick.
She & I have discovered, in our lovely little neighborhood, many surprising things.
The peach tree laden with fruit.  
The pear tree, also laden.  Front yard gardens, one with okra taller than we are.
We think that the most delightful discovery has been Sleeping Bees.  
The first time we saw them they were in a lavender thicket.
This week we discovered them in Chaste Berry trees (shrubs?).
Today Haley & I went out so that she could capture them:

Each spire held several slumbering bees.

Covered with morning dew.

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