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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Loose Knitter.

My good friend Keith is a fabulous knitter.  
His latest project is Acorns by Carol Sunday, which he knit with Anzula's 
For some reason, the neck was wildly big and loose.  
The garment is knit top down, so ripping back was not at the top of the 
make-it-fit list.

I'd like to walk you through how I've decide to approach this fix.
I've pulled off the estimated length of matching yarn that I'll need to 
duplicate stitch every other neck stitch- which is a LOT.  
I mark both the center of the neck and the center of the yarn.  
You can see the coil- which is half of the length at the center of the knitting - 
which is facing wrong side out.
I'll work from the center in one direction, then the other.

Duplicate one stitch, skip one stitch, then duplicate the next.

The section that is done has been reduced by an inch and a half, just with a matching tension.  I can pull it more if needed.  It's invisible, and adjustable to the wearer. 

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