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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First CSA of the Season

We are returning members of Riverview Farms CSA.  
Today's box was laden with brilliant fresh produce.

I'll use the Swiss Chard in a version of this dish, 
as delicious cold over the next few days, as it is on the eve of preparation.
ETA- added onions to the saute, omitting garlic,
topped with awesome parm & toasted walnuts.  Yum.

There were piles of Kale - washed, torn and washed again.

My arms ache from massaging in a drizzle of olive oil, 
Meyer lemon zest, fresh juice, and  sprinkle of salt.  
The resulting salad is chilled, waiting to be dressed with orange bits and pistachios.  

The Spring onions will be sliced and sauteed with curry powder to be served aside the roasted beets and collards that rounded out a wonderful bounty.

Please considered supporting local farms 
by enrolling in a CSA or shopping at a Farm Market.  

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