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Thursday, August 17, 2017

That Sweater Needs a Pocket!

It's nearly Sweater Weather.

Roger now has 2 pockets and is in the last stages of editing, hooray!

I had a little bit of Liberty fabric to create one of the pockets.
Here's how I did it.

I cut two 7" by 11" pieces, although, I may have preferred just one 7" by 21"
With this pocket, I used what I had.
Of course, this made me think about pockets that are 2 different fabrics...

 With right sides together, I stitched around the edge 1/2" from the cut edges, 
leaving a 2" opening in the center of the narrow end.  
I clipped the corners to eliminate bulk and then turned it right side out.

I missed taking a photo of basting the small opening shut, sorry!

After pressing the seams out, push the top of the rectangle inside creating 
a pocket that is beautiful from every angle.
Press it one more time.

 When I knit this version of Roger I was planning to pick up and knit the liner, 
perhaps with a contrasting color.  
I have since added information to the pattern on 
finishing the edge in preparation for adding the fabric pocket.

I matched the center of the knitted opening and the center of the fabric pocket using a jumbo Wonder Clip !

I love those clips.

I left the edges of the fabric pocket unsecured, sewing a seam across the top, 
and then a seam across the bottom.
It lays in quite nicely


 The pocket is set in, now to tack the knitted pocket top neatly down and 
weave in the rest of the ends.

My new Roger is ready to wear and will be 
ready for you to begin knitting in just a few days. 
The version here is shown in 
230 yards per 100g skein  (5, 5) [6, 7] {7, 8} skeins 
1 fat quarter fabric for pocket liner (optional)
(6, 6) [6/7, 7] {8, 8}  3/4 - 1 inch buttons
8 stitch markers, waste yarn, tapestry needle
Sizes (XS, S) [M, L] {XL, 2X}

Finished bust measurement (32, 36) [40, 44] {48, 52}

Gauge - 20 stitches and 28 rows to 4 inches 
in stockinette stitch with US #6
20 stitches and 28 rows to 4 inches 
in rib pattern with US #6
19 stitches and 27 rows to 4 inches 
in rib pattern with US #7
22 stitches and 30 rows to 4 inches 
in rib pattern with US #5 for sleeve cuff, optional.
Please take the time to check your gauge.


  1. Clever idea! I will watch this space with interest. My 5 year old great niece asked me to sew her a dress with pockets, "Because girl clothes have ZERO pockets." Too right.

  2. OK....the preverbal question. How do I determine the size? Actual bust measurement? Garment measurement? I am so challenged. Give me a sock any day and I can figure it out but challenged on sweater sizing. Thank you for the wonderful knit.

    1. This is such a great question! I've knit this as a cardigan and as more of a jacket and based both on the (desired) finished bust measurement. Also, since it's top down, you can make adjustments after you've begun.
      I don't have just one answer here, but would begin with finished bust measured from a favorite sweater. Nell

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